“Acquired: Registered Black Angus Bull for $6,500”

I recently made a $6,500 investment in a registered Black Angus bull. After introducing him to the herd, I noticed he showed little interest in mating and mainly grazed on grass. Doubts crept in about whether he was worth the hefty price tag. However, I decided to consult a veterinarian for insight.

The vet examined the bull and concluded that while healthy, he might be on the younger side. To address this, the vet prescribed daily medication. Surprisingly, within two days of starting the treatment, the bull’s behavior transformed dramatically. He became highly active, successfully breeding with all the cows in my herd and even crossing over to my neighbor’s property to expand his reproductive pursuits.

The transformation was remarkable, almost like he had turned into a breeding machine. While unsure of the exact contents of the pills, I couldn’t help but notice they had a hint of peppermint flavor.