Colombian Model Shares Heartwarming Images of Spouse in Eighth Month of Pregnancy

A Colombian model who is transgender shared a beautiful moment on Instagram recently, where she is seen kissing her husband’s eight-month baby bump. Danna Sultana, who identifies as female though assigned male at birth, is expecting a child with Esteban Landrau, who identifies as male though assigned female at birth.

The couple, deeply in love and boasting a large Instagram following, announced their pregnancy joyfully earlier this year. They revealed that their baby was conceived naturally, as both Danna and Esteban retained their original reproductive organs.

During the eighth month of pregnancy, Esteban experienced what appeared to be contractions, sparking concerns about premature labor. They hurried to the hospital, informing their families, only to find out from doctors that everything was normal for that stage of pregnancy.

Their relief was evident as they returned home to make preparations for their baby’s arrival. In a poignant video shared online, Danna is seen tenderly kissing and caressing Esteban’s baby bump, capturing the excitement and happiness of impending parenthood.

Their updates on social media have garnered widespread support and admiration from their followers, particularly within the transgender community. Comments flooded in, praising their bravery and celebrating the beauty of their journey.

Recently, Danna posted a photo alongside Esteban’s baby bump, expressing anticipation for their baby’s imminent arrival. Their story, marked by love and resilience, continues to uplift and inspire many on social media.