Lilibet Diana’s birth certificate reveals a surprising detail.

The British royal family stands as one of the most renowned dynasties worldwide, naturally attracting immense public and media interest to their personal lives.

The intense media scrutiny faced by Harry and Meghan played a pivotal role in their decision to depart from Britain and settle in sunny California. Harry, driven by a desire to shield his wife from the media’s relentless pressure, sought to spare her the struggles reminiscent of his late mother’s experiences.

Their choice to relinquish royal responsibilities, despite causing consternation—particularly for Prince William and King Charles—led to the Sussexes renouncing their HRH titles. However, recent revelations from Lilibet Diana’s birth certificate indicate otherwise.

Born on June 4, 2021, at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital, Lilibet Diana bears the names of her grandmother and great-grandmother. Although she was entitled to the courtesy title “Lady” as a duke’s daughter, her birth certificate reveals Harry styling himself as “His Royal Highness,” with “Duke of Sussex” as his first name.

Archie’s birth certificate

Despite their earlier declarations of forgoing HRH titles, Meghan and Harry’s birth certificate discrepancies suggest otherwise. Meghan chose to forego conventional protocol, opting to list her full legal name, unlike her previous designation as “Her Royal Highness, The Duchess of Sussex” on Archie’s birth certificate.

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