After Using a Common Household Product, She Faces Leg Amputations: Now, Her Urgent Warning to Women Everywhere

A California woman named Lauren Wasser is bravely sharing her harrowing journey to spare others the anguish she endured due to a commonplace product.

In 2012, Lauren, a model, sought medical help for persistent flu-like symptoms. However, tests revealed a shocking diagnosis: toxic shock syndrome, triggered by bacterial toxins, not the flu as initially thought.

Tragically, Lauren slipped into a coma for over a week. Upon awakening, doctors faced a grim reality—they had to amputate her leg to halt the infection. She was only 24 years old.


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Since then, Lauren has dedicated herself to raising awareness and battling Kotex Natural Balance, the brand of tampons responsible for her severe reaction.

“In a few months, I’m inevitably going to have my other leg amputated. There’s nothing I can do about it. But what I can do is help make sure that this doesn’t happen to others,” Lauren expressed to The Daily Mail.

She stresses the importance of understanding the risks associated with products used in such a sensitive area. “Considering that the vagina is the most absorbent part of a woman’s body and is a gateway to many of our vital organs, it is crucial that consumers know the reality of what could happen to them,” she wrote in InStyle.


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After her second amputation, Lauren proudly posed with Paralympic athlete Amy Purdy, both exemplifying resilience and strength.

“Life is about to be so different, again! I’m in great spirits though and ready for my next chapter,” Lauren shared alongside a photo, captured by her partner @camraface.

We stand in awe of Lauren’s unwavering determination to embrace life fully despite the adversity and pain she has endured. Let’s spread her message by sharing this article with our loved ones.