Guy Fieri Ejects Tom Hanks from His Restaurant, Branding Him ‘Ungodly and Woke

In a bizarre twist that seems straight out of a surreal comedy script, reports emerged detailing an unexpected clash between Guy Fieri, the flamboyant chef synonymous with Flavortown, and none other than Hollywood’s beloved figure, Tom Hanks. Fieri allegedly expelled Hanks from one of his diners, citing the actor as “ungodly and woke.”

Picture this unlikely scenario: Tom Hanks, known for his endearing portrayals of everyday heroes in Hollywood, strolls into a Guy Fieri establishment, likely anticipating a classic American dining experience. Meanwhile, Fieri, with his distinctive spiky hair and exuberant persona, holds court behind the counter, ready to serve up his trademark bold flavors.

As Hanks takes his seat, possibly eyeing Fieri’s renowned Trash Can Nachos, the situation takes an absurd turn. Fieri, upon recognizing the Hollywood icon, approaches with a declaration that defies all norms of hospitality: branding Hanks as “ungodly and woke,” unfit for the sanctity of Flavortown.

The accusation, seemingly contradictory in nature, raises eyebrows, particularly when aimed at Tom Hanks, known for his reputation as Hollywood’s quintessential nice guy.

But what prompted Fieri’s unconventional labeling of Hanks? Was it the actor’s portrayal of morally upright characters on screen, or his off-screen persona characterized by kindness and humility?