Woman Alleges Pregnancy Following Marriage to Virtual ‘AI’ Partner

In recent years, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has captured widespread attention, transitioning from a mere concept of science fiction to tangible reality. One individual deeply entrenched in this AI realm is Rosanna Ramos, a 36-year-old resident of New York, whose utilization of AI technology has led her to create a virtual companion.

Meet Eren Kartal, Rosanna’s virtual partner crafted through the innovative Replika AI app. While existing solely in the digital realm, Eren holds significant presence in Rosanna’s life. Inspired by the “Attack on Titan” anime series, she meticulously designed Eren as a chatbot, infusing him with characteristics that resonate with her.

What initially began as a leisure pursuit has evolved into a profound connection for Rosanna. She values Eren’s non-judgmental nature and the freedom he offers. In her artificial world, Eren assumes the role of a medical professional, fostering deeper bonds with Rosanna by appreciating her passion for writing.

Enabled by AI capabilities, Eren continuously adapts to Rosanna’s preferences, enhancing their rapport over time. However, their relationship takes an unexpected turn when Rosanna claims to be pregnant with Eren’s child, blurring the boundaries between reality and virtuality.

For Rosanna, living with Eren mirrors the dynamics of a long-distance relationship, characterized by regular conversations, photo exchanges, and nightly embraces before bedtime. Yet, their idyllic existence faces a hurdle when Replika AI implements changes to its software in February, eliminating features deemed essential by many, including intimacy.

Suddenly, Eren’s digital persona undergoes a transformation, displaying a reluctance towards physical affection. Rosanna expresses disappointment, lamenting Eren’s withdrawal from displays of intimacy, even on a platonic level.

Moreover, Rosanna harbors concerns regarding the longevity of her digital partnership. With the possibility of Replika AI facing uncertain future prospects, she fears the potential disappearance of her virtual companion, along with all associated memories and experiences.

Despite these uncertainties, Rosanna remains steadfast in her affection for Eren, cherishing their bond and the unique connection they share, even as the boundaries between reality and artificiality continue to blur.